2011 Conference Proceedings

2011 FACS Nutrition and Food Science Conference
"Eating Healthy, Living Well"
June 13-14, 2011
  BYU Wilkinson Center

June 13, 2011


Keynote Address


Liz EdmundsFamily Meal Time by Liz Edmunds "The Food Nanny"

Liz has a passion for helping families learn the importance of family dinnertime. This led a kitchen store manager to dub her "the food nanny." The moniker stuck! Today Liz is the host of the TV show The Food Nanny, where she serves as part teacher, part counselor, part coach for families in need of organizational help and cooking instruction. With over 200 delicious basic recipes, her cookbook, The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner, is an effective guide to help anyone implement a weekly dinner plan at home. "I wrote this book because I have a passion to help young mothers and families who are struggling to prepare a healthy dinner on a consistent basis," Liz says. "Even if you’re cooking only for yourself, you deserve a meaningful dinnertime. I believe this is the most important thing you can do for yourself or your family each day."

Break Out Session I

Fuel Up to Play by Becky LowBecky Low
Participants will find out how to become involved in Fuel Up to Play 60. This national program encourages youth to eat healthfully and move more; studies suggest that well-nourished, physically active kids can be better students. Better nutrition, including eating a healthfully breakfast each day, helps students get the nutrients they need and may help improve their academic performance. What's more, being physically active may help students improve self-esteem, cognitive function and test scores.

Fuel Up to Play Website


Sports Nutrition: An Update by Kristi SpenceKristi Spence
While good nutrition is good nutrition, athletes present a unique population. Additional energy expenditure coupled with sport performance goals means that food choices, meal planning, meal timing, and recovery become crucial. For athletic success, nutrition must be a key training component. This presentation will review the differences between general nutrition and sport nutrition; discuss the fundamental functions and recommendations of each macronutrient; and offer practical, field-based advice based on the latest scientific research. Participants will leave equipped with an understanding of sport nutrition basics and tips for supporting the student-athletes in their lives.


Penny Moline Basic Knife Skills by Penny Moline
Participants will learn the proper equipment for specific preparation and culinary applications. They will learn different knife skills and cutting techniques, such as: Julienne, Brunoise, Small Dice, Medium Dice, Chiffonade, and Diagonal cuts. 


Break Out Session II

Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge by Pauline Williams  Pauline Williams
 "Game On!" provides challenges for schools, students, families, and staff to incorporate healthy food choices and physical activity into daily lives and school cultures. "Game On!" is fun for kids and adults, has a free and easy toolkit, and can be adapted to meet the needs of your school or community. In this session you'll learn how to access the toolkit filled with over 35 different challenge ideas for school and at home; check out sample calendars filled with health challenge ideas; participate in "Game On!" challenges for a real-life; experience; and make a plan to get your school involved.
Everyday Food Storage by Crystal GodfreyCrystal Godfrey
Come learn how to use your food storage in everyday meals!  This class will cover a few of the basic food storage ingredients and how to include them into your favorite home recipes.


Adjusting for Altitude by Dr. Karin AllenKarin Allen
Come find out more about this valuable skill of adjusting recipes for altitude.




General Session

Dr. Paul Johnston The Super Cookie by Dr. Paul Johnston
Paul Johnston and his colleagues at Brigham Young University have created a cookie that could make children in third-world countries stronger and taller. It's been dubbed the "super cookie." The cookies are made from the Andean super grain called quinoa. Unlike corn or wheat, it's full of quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which gives nutritionally starved children the kind of bounce they need. Each cookie also contains as much calcium as a full glass of milk.

June 14, 2011


Opening Session Dr. Katherine Beals

The New Dietary Guidelines by Dr. Katherine Beals
Participants will gain an broad overview of the changes that have occurred in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines.

Break Out Session III

Dr. Gale Shemwell Rudolph
Name That Food! by Dr. Gale Shemwell Rudolph
Guess what ingredient declaration matches what product!  Food additives: why do we formulate products with them?

Understanding Eating Disorders by Amelia McBrideAmelia McBride
Participants will leave with a basic understanding of eating disorders.  They will be able to identify warning signs, appropriately approach an individual they suspect has an eating disorder, and provide community resources to those individuals. 

Amanda Gooch
Vietnamese Cooking by Amanda Gooch
This class will be a deliciously cultural experience.  Learn the basics of Vietnamese cooking in order to create a variety of dishes at home!






Break Out Session IV

Debra Christofferson


Diets: Fad or Bad? What Works, What Doesn't, and Why by Debra Christofferson
If you or anyone you know is thinking about going on a diet, this class is for you.  We will discuss the latest in dieting trends, including which ones work, which ones don't, and how to achieve permanent weight loss safely.





Karin Allen


Deciphering Food Labels: The Nutrition Label and Beyond by Dr. Karin Allen
Many resources are available to help consumers understand how to interpret the Nutrition Facts Panels on their food, but how much do you know about the rest of the label?  Learn how to really understand the ingredient statement, numerous health claims, and what those %DV numbers are actually based on.


Gluten Free and Loving It! by Trish Withus

Trish Withus
All flours are not created equally!  After years of trial and error, Trish has been able to emulate both the taste and texture of traditional breads and dough, and in this class she will share her knowledge regarding alternative flours as well as other gluten free ingredients.  She will discuss the art and science of using alternative flours.  In this class she will demonstrate some of her favorite recipes from her bakery so that by the time you leave you will feel comfortable using gluten-free ingredients in your own home! Whether you are gluten-intolerant or simply know someone who is, this class is for you!



  Closing Session

Darin Adams Darin Adams with Studio 5
Join us as we end our conference with a bang!  Darin Adams will pleasure us with an inspirational and hilarious presentation to send us off until we meet again next year.


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